Full Service Licences

Company licences with no administration costs

Company licences enable you to manage training courses individually. However, you can also use a Full Service licence. In this case, simply send us an Excel file containing a list of the first names, surnames and e-mail addresses of the participants. We’ll take care of everything else for you. Each participant will then receive an email with his/her access details, password and, of course, the link to begin the course. After completing the courses, we will send the certificates either to the participant or to a training officer of your choice. This model can be of particular benefit for medium-sized organisations and individual sites.

What is to do? Just send us a request about the course you are interested in (see the courses 1 - 9 on the left side) and tell us how many employees should participate. We will make you a detailed offer.

Please use the contact form.

And what can you do if the trainee doesn’t have his/her own computer and e-mail address

In this case, the member of staff can e.g. carry out the training course on the training officer’s PC or on a PC used by several staff members.