Why GMP/GDP Basic Training Courses?

GMP/GDP online training offers the opportunity to provide cost-efficiently the basics of the GMP/GDP requirements to your new members of staff as well as to external collaborators. This is the basis for a GMP/GDP qualification.

We offer two online training courses: a GMP Basic Training Course and a GDP Basic Training Course.

At the end of the course videos, there is an assessment of success in the form of multiple choice tests. The two courses offer the opportunity to get to know the basic GMP/GDP requirements. They are therefore the first building block of a GMP/GDP qualification. They differ from the offer "GMP/GDP Practical Training Courses” on this webpage by:

  • A seminar atmosphere - The Online Seminar deliberately creates a seminar atmosphere, i.e. a moderator conveys content using slides, images and videos from production operations.
  • The basic courses are suitable for academic staff and managers as well as for employees in production, quality control and quality assurance.
  • Service providers, suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry and self-employed persons also benefit from this offer.



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