GMP online Training

Learning in a seminar atmosphere

GMP online training offers the opportunity to provide cost-efficiently the basics of the GMP requirements to your new members of staff as well as to external collaborators. This is the basis for a GMP qualification.

What makes GMP online Training so different from the GMP eLearning Mediavision?

1. Seminar atmosphere
A seminar atmosphere is created through a video of the moderator who guides through the training course.

2. Also of interest for colleagues not involved in production processes
Whereas the 5 GMP eLearning modules on the left-hand menu present MediaVision videos with practical situations, GMP online Training provides general GMP knowledge without direct reference to production procedures.

Total presentation time: 30 minutes. Costs: 90,-€. Here is an overview of the course details:

Part 1 GMP Basics

Objectives: Discover the GMP Basics.


  • What does "quality" mean?
  • What does "GMP" mean?
  • In which documents are GMP described?
  • Who is concerned by GMP?
  • Which are the most dangerous mistakes in the pharmaceutical company?

Part 2 GMP-compliant Documentation

Objectives: In this 2-chapter module, you will find out the significance of documentation in GMP environments.

"Everything that hasn't been documented, didn't take place."


  • What are the criteria for GMP-compliant documentation?
  • How can you correct mistakes in a GMP-compliant way?
  • Which important GMP documents do exist?
  • How should deviations be handled?

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Upon successful completion of the exam, the participants will receive a certificate.

You can see here a demo of the software (if you can't watch the video, please read the information about GMP online Training System Requirements.)