Hygiene and Microbiology

Target Group

Members of staff who work in a facility that manufactures pharmaceuticals or active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Prior Knowledge:
No prior GMP knowledge is required.

Languages available:
Dutch, German and English.

Using videos from GMP facilities!

Study Time:
1 hour

Questions to:
Phone +49(0)6221 / 84 44 0 - e-Mail: info (at) concept-heidelberg.de



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The micro-life training provides an initial insight into the microbiological foundations and basic knowledge of hygiene required by everyone in the field of drug manufacturing. A brief introduction on the different types of microorganism, their way of living and reproduction form the starting basis. This is followed by a presentation of the most important sources of contamination and the hazards of microbial contamination. This includes not only the risks of product contamination but also any necessary protection measures for your own staff.

The training course provides an insight into the different measures that pharmaceuticals manufacturers and their staff can take to interrupt routes of contamination or minimise the risks of microbial contamination. The required hygiene steps are shown with reference to possible sources of contamination, such as people, machinery or air. This includes the basics of staff hygiene that can be used to influence microbial growth, such as zone-compatible clothing and cleanroom-compatible behaviours as well as controlling environmental conditions. Initial insights into the fields of machine design, cleaning and disinfection are also provided.

The participants are systematically led through the topic areas using a combination of video sequences, subordinated questions and the corresponding answers. A small test then checks the knowledge learned

Attendance certificate from CONCEPT HEIDELBERG

Costs - individuals
€ 75,- plus VAT

Costs - company licence
Companies which yearly train more than 50 employees can aquire a company licence. Depending on the use, courses can be carried out for under € 30,- per training hour.

    The following topics are covered:
    Types of micro-organisms
    Harmful and useful characteristics
    Observation of micro-organismen
    Growth stimulating and delaying factors
    Destroying unwanted micro-organisms
    Microbiological laboratoria
    Hygienical aspects



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