You can watch following sequences

Video 1 about Clean Room

Video 2 about Clothing

Video 3 about Contamination

Video 4 about Procedure

System requirements:
Test whether your computer is able to play the GMP eLearning videos.

For the use of the GMP eLearning systems, you need following system requirements:

        Operative System: Windows
        Software: Internet Explorer version 6 or higher, Media Player version 9 or higher
        Internet Explorer security settings: Allow Active-X elements

Questions to:
Phone: +49(0)6221 / 84 44 0 - e-Mail: info (at) concept-heidelberg.de

The Plus

No software installation required!

Thanks to the online solution (through a media server) you can launch the programme via the  Internet Browser Internet Explorer. In a word, you can use the GMP eLearning system from each desk in your company.